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The primary purpose of the Utilities Council is to provide the ultimate face-to-face and electronic networking opportunities to share insights into the development and operations of facilities in an attempt to minimize cost while maximizing the efficiency of the groups working within these facilities.  While fostering communication among members, the Utilities Council serves to help develop knowledge to facilitate best in class performance, yield high customer satisfaction, competitive cost structure, and promote environmental stewardship for utilities which include electric, gas, water and telecommunications companies.

Section 1.

The Council restricts membership to those individuals classified as Members, as established by the Association’s Board of Directors.

Individuals must be employed full time by any company providing traditional utility services or, individuals who are employed full-time by a utility owner affiliate or subsidiary which provides facility management services for the host utility and/or others.

Section 2.

Membership in the Association is a prerequisite to membership in the Council.

Section 3.

The provision of the Association Bylaws for disqualification, suspension, expulsion and reinstatement of members shall govern.

Membership Benefits

The Utilities Council of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) invites you to become a member of the largest and most recognized association for the facility management profession.

Our motivation is simple: Clearly, we will be enriched by the experience and reputation you will bring to our council; but most importantly, the benefits open to you through IFMA membership are so immense, we feel it is our duty to share them with you.

With more than 19,000 members worldwide, IFMA supports a global network of facility professionals.  The organization offers networking opportunities through local chapters and special-interest groups like ours, provides professional certification (Certified Facility Manager) and educational programs, conducts research and identifies industry trends.  Through IFMA’s diverse and comprehensive resources, you are directly connected to the FM world.

“I have an entire network of people who are either experiencing similar learning curves or who have overcome challenges and are available for counseling, mentoring and advice.” -Mark Sekula, CFM Founder, FM Consultants Council.

“Council members are often just an e-mail or phone call away. Benchmarking on specific topics that allow us to consider solutions based on others’ experience is very beneficial.  The council listserv is an effective way to gather information; but equally important is the ability to contact members for a one-on-one discussion.” – Ken Owens Committee Chair, Research & Development Council.

IFMA councils unite you with other members who have similar responsibilities and working situations.  Council participation is the ideal solution for facility professionals seeking highly targeted information in particular areas of expertise.  Councils direct their own programs, which are structured to meet the needs of their membership.  Services offered by councils may include listservs, newsletters, teleconference meetings, directories, best practices studies and more.

“Council listservs are an amazing forum!  Yesterday, I sent out an inquiry about the availability of ‘dot com’ furniture.  Today, I had more than 50 responses, many of them great leads.” -Fred Behl Member, Corporate Headquarters Council.

Your facility is unique.  You have a unique set of skills reflecting the special needs of your work environment.  You possess specialized knowledge about the business you support.  When you have a facility-related question, you want to confer with a professional peer who has shared experiences in that particular work environment.

Sharing information is a necessity in today’s global business community.

IFMA formed councils in order to meet the industry-specific networking and information needs of its members.  Councils provide opportunities for interaction that transcend chapter and regional boundaries, enabling members to meet other professionals who share an interest in a particular FM practice or who work in the same business sector.

Services offered by the Utilities Councils include:

  • Newsletters, directories and other publications
  • Electronic Forums
  • Listserves—electronic discussion groups
  • Two networking meetings annually
  • Benchmarking and best practices studies
  • Web site
  • Industry-specific seminars and conferences

A wise career investment. An ideal solution for facility professionals seeking highly targeted information in particular areas of expertise, councils allow you to share work experiences and case studies with industry peers.  Truly global in nature, councils are not limited by location.  You are able to communicate with colleagues worldwide about issues, concerns and best practices specific to your area of facility management.  Additional information or membership inquiries can be made by contacting: Mark Kristovich, CFM, VP Membership, Pacific Gas & Electric, 1850 Gateway Suite 950, Concord, CA  94520.  Mark can be reached at 925-270-2737 or

Join the Utilities Council of IFMA